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My name is Maelisa (Mae) Hall and I'm a Xennial. I'm also a wife, psychologist, cat owner (servant), nail design enthusiast, online business owner, podcaster and ENFP. In a nutshell, I like to have fun and hang out with people.

In my life I've had many interests and a lot of different jobs. I enjoyed most of them but have fallen in love with working for myself. That's an ENFP thing because I love freedom. 

>> If you've never heard the term "ENFP" before then check out more here

In 2013 my husband encouraged me to start a business and that changed everything. The world of online business and marketing opened up this whole other realm of creativity for me and I made so many connections with other amazing business owners. 

Creating something just for fun

While I love my online business, it's very niched and doesn't give me an outlet for a lot of my other interests. My husband spent the last year encouraging me to try something else, something that would really compliment my personality and varied interests. 

See a theme here? He knows me pretty well.

I kept thinking about what this thing could be... because it couldn't be as simple as just creating videos or blogs about things I enjoy. It needed a theme, a niche, a client avatar. So each time he brought it up I searched for how I could fit those things in.

And then one day he was talking and it clicked. I didn't need all that stuff. I just needed to do something I love (which, to his credit, was what he said the whole time).

What I love is totally random but why I share those things is not. 

My goal has always been to empower others.

That's why I became a psychologist, why I volunteered working with teens, why I share cool things I find with as many people as possible. It's why I research things I hear others talk about and educate myself so that I can make changes in my own life or intelligently discuss important issues. 

So, Mae Unleashed is my project, my experiment and my way of empowering others through knowledge and fun

Feel free to hang out with me on YouTube, sign up for monthly letters, or snoop around here to see what's happening with my favorite things.

What I Talk About

No, this is not a complete list but it covers quite a bit...

Business & Marketing

Tips, resources and gurus 


Fun stuff and things people commonly misunderstand

Nail Designs

Particularly using real nail polish strips


Funny, adorable and cute cat stuff


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